What Does Office Clutter Cost You?

According to a recent CareerBuilder study, clutter could be costing you quite a bit! More than a quarter of employers said they are less likely to promote someone who has a messy work space. A large percentage of employers also feel that having paper piles on desks gives them a more negative impression of those workers.

Surpisingly, a third of workers admit to having hoarding tendencies with 13% saying they have files which are more than five years old. If you’re facing challenges with office clutter, we’ve got help for you! Spend an hour with me on my pre-recorded webinar “Organize Your Office and Your Life: Survive Information Overload and Clear the Clutter.” You’ll learn expert tips on keeping the clutter at bay so that you have more time to tackle that to-do list!



  1. Nice article. However, keeping receipts for 7 years is not unusual, so five year old files could be the norm. I would decide this on a case by case basis. I have found that assessing my clutter reduces duplicates such as stacks of CD’s, DVD’s, and other office supplies. Knowing what I have made me realize I don’t need another pen, pencil, eraser etc. until I retire.(ha ha)