Performance Improvement: Daily Routines and Morning Rituals

How would you describe your morning routine? Perhaps you get to work, fetch your coffee, line up your snacks, figure out what you didn’t do yesterday, catch up with your coworkers, post your social media updates, and check your email. Now what time is it? Lunchtime! And your energy is fading fast.

So perhaps you got Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter updated, your favorite blogs read, and your email done…but you kept adding to your to-do list…and you didn’t accomplish much of anything significant.

I’m issuing a productivity challenge for tomorrow: I dare you to break your typical routine.

If you usually come in the morning and get a cup of coffee, I would challenge you to bring your coffee. If you usually open up your Outlook and check your messages, I would ask you not to do email first. If you usually get on Facebook and see how your peeps are, what they’re saying, and what they’re doing, then use that as a reward, perhaps at lunchtime—after you’ve accomplished that project you’ve wanted to do for so long but has been on the back burner due to “lack of time.”

Instead, bring a timer from home (preferably an egg timer that you can dial that makes noise when it goes off) and set it for two hours. Sit down, open up Microsoft Word (or an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint show) or any other application except Outlook or Internet Explorer.

Work on a task for two hours straight, literally. See how your day goes after that.

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  1. I am thrilled with the use of social media in the workplace. I have been following the debate closely. The balance of productivity and working like employees live is a tricky one with social media. Blog, blog, blog or block, block, block??? I thought this whitepaper had some real teeth – and also an extremly interesting white paper on FB