Time Management: The Productivity Minute 26: The Value of Hiring Others

Must you do it all yourself? Not necessarily. Laura Stack talks about the value of outsourcing certain tasks to free up more of your time. (c) 2010 Laura Stack www.theproductivitypro.com



  1. I must say this is a great reminder of the things we can hire out for ourselves. However, I am wondering about the children who grow up in such households. When they leave Mom and Dad, they don’t have the money to afford these luxuries and they haven’t learned to do it themselves. Also, not everyone is in a position in this economy to pay $15/hr for someone to wash and dry their laundry or clean their house.
    I do agree that having a tax professional process your return can be easier, get you a higher refund, but also protect you from missing the overlooked laws. The same is true for having someone do your website. If you are required to be ADA compliant but don’t know it, you might miss some of these things and find yourself in court for it.