Microsoft Outlook virtual training series announced with Laura Stack

Our first virtual Microsoft Outlook webinar series was such a huge success that we’re doing it again! The new series begins May 22, 2009 with Microsoft Certified Specialist Laura Stack.

I’m going to present 10 modules covering various aspects of Outlook, step-by-step. This isn’t just computer training. It’s real-world, reality-based workflow processing that helps you actually be MORE productive with Outlook, instead of wasting hours every day playing with it. I will share my desktop and show my computer screen LIVE using my actual Microsoft Outlook software. This is not PowerPoint! It is a real-time demonstration. Even you Outlook experts will be shocked by what you don’t know you don’t know!

Each webinar is very affordable at $39 per person. If you attend all ten, the price is discounted to $349 per person. If for some reason you miss the class—don’t worry—the recording will be sent to you after each session, so you don’t have to attend “live.” You will also receive a workbook to accompany each webinar, with detailed screen shots, so you can duplicate what I do in the seminar.

We are using that uses either your phone or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), so you listen right from your own computer speakers via your Internet connection.

2009 Microsoft Outlook Virtual Training with Laura Stack

Series 2 dates and topics:

1. May 22: Customizing Your Outlook
2. May 27: Inbox/Outbox/Sent Items/Drafts
3. June 3: Tasks
4. June 15: Calendar
5. June 19: Notes and Journal
6. June 23: Contacts
7. June 26: Time Savers
8. July 1: Advanced E-mail Tricks
9. July 7: Email Communication
10. July 10: Workflow

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If you want to project the seminar in your conference room, just call us at 303-471-7401 and tell us how many people are attending your meeting, and we’ll manually charge your credit card $39 per person.There are different sessions for 2003 and 2007 users, so please check the times carefully when you register. The 2003 series will be held at 11:00 Pacific/12:00 Mountain/1:00 Central/2:00 eastern. The 2007 series will be held at 1:00 pacific/2:00 mountain/3:00 central/4:00 eastern.

You are welcome to email your specific questions prior to each webinar to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you online!