The Holidays are Coming! Get Ready by Clearing the Clutter

With the holiday season right around the corner, NOW is a great time to do some purging in the office and at home.  December is a big month for donating used materials, household items and clothing—not only because of the holiday spirit of giving—but because December 31 is the last day of the year to get in your tax-deductible donations!  With this in mind, do you really want to spend your precious holiday time frantically cleaning out your closets, office and basement, instead of spending it with family and friends?

So start now!  Do just a bit at a time so as not to become overwhelmed, but still in time to get it all done well before the end of the year.  Pick one place to start like your office or your bedroom closet, or your kitchen cupboards.  Really take stock of what is there.  If it hasn’t been worn, used or otherwise useful in the past year but is still in good condition it will surely benefit someone else.  Call your local ARC, Salvation Army, DAV or similar organization and find out if they pick up at your home.  This can save you the time and hassle of putting everything in your car and getting it someplace.  They will give you a date and you simply place it all in bags or boxes on your front porch and VOILA!  It’s gone!  Over the next couple of weeks try spending just 15 minutes at a time in each area. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done, how much you find to donate, and how good you’ll feel when you have less clutter, more space and have done something to help another person.  Get it done before the holiday season starts and you’ll have more time to spend with loved ones!

(C) 2008 Laura Stack.



  1. Great tips. We still have a snowman in our foyer from last Christmas, so we definitely need to get with your advice. I like the advice of going room by room for short periods of time, like the old adage of eating an elephant one bite at a time.

  2. These are some great tips. I work from home and spread my work all over the house. However, after nagging from the family and realizing that this was an inefficient use of my time, I decided to organize my home office. The basics of the organization process was to have a home for everything and everything in its home. This has greatly reduced my clutter.

  3. Excellent tips, I have done some of these in the past year and my productivity has skyrocketed.