Put a new spin on laundry

How do you keep up with your laundry?  I just heard from a reader who puts a load in before she goes to bed, throws it in the dryer on the way out the door to work, and uses the "touch up" feature when she gets home before folding.  By doing this every day, she always keeps up with her laundry.  She also recommended safety pinning socks together the minute she takes them off (she has a little basket in her closet), so she never has to search for and match socks.  What little tricks do you have for staying on top of the skivvies?



  1. Hi Laura!

    I am afraid using safety pins on your socks would rust after a while. Don’t you think? I personally hate folding socks. I just make sure they are all right-side out when I put them into the washer. When they are dry, I just toss them into the drawer- no folding. Folding socks for me is like watching paint dry.

    Now, the socks do get lost in the washer sometimes, and lost forever. I call it natural selection and a reminder that it may be time to buy a new pair or two.

    – John

  2. Corey Pontrelli says:

    I used to complain often about missing socks, mis-matched etc.
    A few years ago I discovered a product called “sock-lock” online.
    They are simply a plastic disc that allows you to put both socks together and into the hamper/washer.
    I have not had a problem since.