Jot-It: a Nice Alternative for Post-It Notes

I just received a sample product from Cocoa Living called Jot-It, a desktop writing board.  Pretty neat concept.  Takes the place of putting sticky notes all over the place.  If you’re the type that writes on scraps of paper, a corner of your desk calendar, or the bottom of the whiteboard hanging on the wall, this could work for you.  It’s essentially a whiteboard on an angled desktop frame where you write notes to yourself, things to do, a phone number to call, etc., and then erase them with the built-in Expo marker eraser when you’re done.  The clear top lifts up and allows you to put one of several lined templates underneath to keep things neat.  While I wouldn’t use it personally, since I capture notes in my DayTimer(R), it would be good for a "scrapper" to keep all notes in the same place.  It’s a bit large for my tastes, but if you have a large surface next to your writing hand, it could be really handy.  Good for people who don’t have large to-do lists and whose workflow allows them to complete tasks the same day they are received.



  1. Interesting, but I guess I don’t get it. You have one surface (the clear top) so once you’ve filled it, you have to process it before reusing, right? Whereas with a pad of paper, I can simply tear off a finished page, toss it into my inbox, and keep moving.