Even Out the Underwork and Overwork Cycle

Some of the most unenergetic employees I’ve met in my 15 years of delivering personal productivity seminars are tax auditors in an accounting firm during the off-season.  They are bored during most of the year and then worked to death during tax season.  This constant bouncing back and forth between underwork and overwork has really sapped their motivation and desire to devote energy to their work.  Conversely, the fall is the busiest time of my year, where there’s not much breathing space to be had until November. But I make sure to keep myself occupied productively when it’s slow; in fact, I look forward to those times.

If you are experiencing a slow time, don’t get bored or frustrated until things pick up again!  Take advantage of it and even things out.  Take the time to start those projects you’ve had on the backburner that "you never have time to get to" during the regular season.  Learn a new software package.  Organize your files.  Give away books you’re not going to read again.  Toss users manuals for software and gadgets you no longer own.  When the heavy workload hits again (and you know it will), you’ll be ready.  Shake thyself!




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  2. This is a great tip, Laura – thanks for the reminder. I’m now self-employed (10 mos) and I appreciate your positive perspective on these times.