American Time Use Survey 2006: no wonder women are so tired!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the results of its annual American Time Use Survey for 2006 on June 28, 2007, which is actually conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.  You can sift through all the data files and accompanying documentation, but let me save you some time and summarize some interesting results.

Of full-time workers, men work 8.4 hours a day on average, while women work 7.7.  But 52 percent of women cleaned each day, while only 20 percent of men clean each day.  65 percent of women cook each day and only 37 percent of men.  Men average 5.7 hours of leisure a day, and women average 4.9 hours.  Women spend 1.2 hours a day caring for children, while men spend .4 hours.  Men spent more time watching television and participating in recreation. 

Lastly, women slept slightly more: 8.69 hours a day vs. men at 8.56…not a wonder…they are tired from all the extra work!



  1. K. Brian Kelley says:

    This statistic struck me as truly sad:

    “Women spend 1.2 hours a day caring for children, while men spend .4 hours.”

    An old mentor of mine was fond of quoting that saying, “Children spell love T-I-M-E.” This is just an affirmation that we’re not giving children the attention they need, hence the reason we’re having so many issues with these ages.