3rd Annual National Leave the Office Earlier Day is June 1, 2007

I’m the proud founder of national Leave the Office Earlier day, named after my book of the same title, and the movement to tighten efficiency in the office in order to work fewer hours and get a life.  This holiday is listed in Chase’s Annual Events,and we are celebrating the 3rd annual event on June 1, 2007 this year.  Normally it’s June 2 (my birthday), but that date fell on a Saturday this year, so it was moved up one day.  It asks participants to only work an 8-hour day and is intended to focus workers on improving their personal productivity.  It’s an opportunity for people to change work patterns, adjust priorities, and to discover how much more productive they can be in an eight-hour workday (sorry, no playing hooky or leaving early than you’re supposed to allowed).  If you’d like to in the event, you can register and receive a free ten-day eCourse on How to Leave the Office Earlier.



  1. What a great idea and day!


  2. I missed it! How did that happen? Well, it’s going into my tickler file for next year!

    And Happy Belated Birthday.