Time management and chronic pain

It’s very hard to do much of anything when you’re in pain.  Chronic pain can really sap your energy.  I’m guilty of putting up with too much pain, deciding “that’s just the way it is; nothing I can do about it.”  I’ve been in a few car accidents over the years—including one major one in which I fractured my back at 20 years old.  I’ve dealt with whiplash (and corresponding problems with my cervical spine) and a compression fracture between my shoulder blades (and corresponding problems with my thoracic spine).  I went through a lot of physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and injections to try to cure the pain, and many treatments were helpful, but nothing completely resolved my pain.  So basically I endure a dull ache in my back.  I often have the mental ability to work longer at a task, but the pain in my back won’t allow me to, so I have to get up and move around.  Recently, I decided to stop saying “that’s just the way it is” and went to my doctor to see if I could something about it.  After x-rays and an MRI, it turns out I have degenerative arthritis of the lower back at 37 years old.  Oh, is that it?  Well at least it’s not related to the car accidents as I once thought.  After a course of daily medication, yoga, and a strengthening regimen, I feel great!  If you really want to be productive and stop wasting time from being in pain, I’d suggest you brainstorm your top five most significant health problems (headache, high blood pressure, toothache, insomnia, allergies, pain, asthma, hoarseness, acne, foot pain, constipation, joint problems, sinus problems, hair loss, heartburn, etc.) and possible causes.  How would you like to feel?  Take a moment to visualize what you wish to happen in the future regarding these health issues.  Call a new doctor in a different field and get an appointment.  Ask your primary care physician for a referral.  Spend some time researching the Internet.  Don’t take “you’ll have to live with it” as an answer. 



  1. I totally agree, Laura. Chronic pain (back pain, for me) totally saps life. Good for you!

  2. Pain is definitely a factor in time management. No matter how good you are at managing your time, you’ll still have insufficient time to do other things if you encounter pain.

  3. Good for you that you are stepping up.Good Luck!