Keeping Your Energy Up During the Day

I asked my newsletter readers "What do you do to keep your energy up during the day?" and received the following replies.  Please comment if you have a tip to add!

Hi, I do little ‘sprints’ through out the day, especially if I am feeling tired. I will get up & run in place or walk quickly around the house for 5-10 minutes (I work at home) it gives me just enough of energy bursts to keep me going. Thanks, Misty

Misty Kenner- creativity coach

I live in the


. I work for a larger company in a smaller town.  I am fortunate that the parking lot at work is not that large. When I feel tired, during my lunch break I will go out to the car (truck), recline the seat and catch a short "catnap".  15-20 minutes does it for me.  I know that some folks feel they need 1-2 hours to feel rested. 

Another tip I read someplace was to drink a caffeinated beverage, then take a short nap.  I takes that long for the caffeine to get into your system and take effect. So you benefit from the nap and you have the caffeine buzz to keep you going.  It has worked for me, my son lives a 1000 miles away.  Sometime when we go to visit my wife and I will drive through the night.  I have tried it a few time, it seems to work well for me. 

Mark Keehr    

I realize this won’t work for a lot of people but I work out on my lunch hour.

I am up at 5 to get myself and two small children ready.  My 5-year old son gets dropped off at a sitter to go to school while my 2-year old daughter rides with me on the 45-minute commute to get dropped off at preschool at 7:20 so I can get to work by 7:30.  Then at 4:30 it’s hit the highway time to get sissy picked up and then hightail it home to get brother picked up before 5:30.  Rush home to get supper fixed – get homework done – get the kids in the tub – go clean up the kitchen – start a load of laundry – finish the bath – read a story – finish the laundry – fall into bed to do it all over again.  I was always complaining I didn’t have time to work out until I finally just decided something had to be done.  Our park district has a full fitness center (at a very reasonable rate) just 5 minutes from work so I can hop over there – work out for about 40 minutes and rush back to work.  I feel so much more energized in the afternoons – I have also lost 46 pounds out of 100 to boot!

I also try to eat healthy fruit snacks and yogurts in the afternoons to keep my blood sugar up.

Charyle Smith

The best way for me to stay up, maintain a good attitude and fee energized all day is:

I begin my day at 4:15 am with a 2.5 mile run/walk on my treadmill, with some meditation and prayer along the way.  After a quick shower I dress for the work day, have my coffee, vitamins and a light breakfast of dry cereal and or cheese toast.  During my 30 minute drive to work I use this time to meditate again and have short breath prayers.  All of this ensures that I am wide awake when I get to the office and ready to face the day and my co-workers.  I also try to get in some form of physical exercise each evening to relive the day’s stress.  I try to keep to this same schedule on days off as well as week ends. 

K Meekins CPS



  1. I keep my energy up by spending 15 minutes in the morning reading up-lifting things that make me laugh. I eat healthy so I don’t feel sluggish, drink plenty of water and laugh often. Being negative drains all your energy so stay positive.