The Ten Commandments of cell phone etiquette

I just had a conversation with my assistant about this very issue today.  She only works part-time a few hours on Mon, Wed, Fri.  When she comes to work, she shares my office, which isn’t the best arrangement, but I work from home.  My husband John has the second office, so, well, there you have it.  Like anyone, she gets personal phone calls at work on her cell phone.  I frankly don’t really care when people call her.  She’s very diligent and works hard, so it doesn’t bother me that she answers her cell phone.  What *does* bother me is having her carry on her personal phone conversations a few feet away from me.  She’s been working for me for a year and a half now, and I can’t believe I haven’t said anything so far, but today I had to speak up.  She talked with her lawn guy for five minutes, then her son for five minutes, so I had been sitting at my computer for a total of ten minutes, completely unable to think, much less work.  It’s nearly impossible to type an email when someone is talking a few feet away.  Not that I’m trying to listen to her personal conversations…it’s simply unavoidable.  So I broke down when she got off the phone and told her I didn’t mind her taking the calls…but she needed to go out in the kitchen from now on.  She looked at me a little blankly, and I explained my loss of productivity to her, and she understood…but I think she’s still shaking her head a bit.  A thus the need for cell phone rules of the road: most people simply don’t get it.  They aren’t trying to be rude and don’t know it’s bothering you.  It’s your responsibility to open your mouth and say something when your time is being impacted!