Creating a productive environment

What do you surround yourself with to make you feel productive?  I have an "I love me" wall with degrees, certificates, awards, etc., to remind myself that I am living up to a lot of expectations.  I keep a wall calendar to remind me that my job is to keep it full with speaking engagements.  I have photos of my family, husband, and children, to remind me that a lot of people are depending upon me.  I keep my dog and cat running around in my office to remind me to play.  And my newest environmental addition…two Siamese fighting fish (a.k.a. betta fish)…no fancy filtration systems needed. Just watching them swim around on my desk relaxes me and knowing I get to feed them gives me another good reason to look forward to coming to work.  The glass partition separating them keeps them from destroying each other, reminding me to maintain an assertive edge!  I’d love to hear what keepsakes, toys, plants, reminders, etc., you keep around to help you be productive!



  1. Hi Laura,

    I keep one shelf in my book shelf dedicated to the heroes in my life- photos of my parents, brothers and holy folks along the way who have meant a lot to me.


  2. Digital Capacitor says:

    we use big wall calendars on our offices, big wall calendars are easier to read ;.,