It’s not Leave Work Early Day!!

This is a sure way to bug me.  My holiday gets slaughtered all the time.  Here’s a radio station actually hosting an event at a bar at 3:00 tomorrow, June 2, and encouraging people to attend, because after all, it’s National Leave Work Early Day.  Arrgh!

Not that I mind the bar.  I really like martinis and frozen margaritas!  But this is the stuff that gives productivity a bad rap.  Let’s set the record straight: National Leave the Office Earlier Day does NOT encourage people to play hookey.  Rather, it encourages people to be more productive during the day, managing their time better, and eliminate time wasters, with the goal of leaving earlier than the normal 10-12 hour day workers often log.  Through better productivity, you CAN get down to eight hours, leave earlier, and get home to your life.  But you still must accomplish the same results.  So if at 3:00, you’ve put in a full day and achieved what was required, then go for it!  See you at the bar!



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