Ten Ways to Find More Time for Your Life

“Where does the time go?” you lament. “I just need to find more time!”  Here are some ideas to get you started on your quest:

1.      Reduce waiting time. If your doctor or meetings always run late, plan ahead.  Make good use of this time and carry note cards, bills, and magazines in your tote.

2.      Limit your television watching. Reduce the amount of time you spend each day.  Sensible limits may relieve any guilt you may feel after overindulging in television time, while freeing up time for more worthwhile pursuits. Or perhaps tape your shows and skip the commercials.

3.      Say no to yourself. If you’re not excited about attending a social function, then don’t go! That way, you’ll have time to relax. Or if you planned to go grocery shopping, and you’re dreading it because the sun is shining and you’d rather be in your garden, it’s perfectly fine to change your mind and decide to do it tomorrow.

4.      Cut down on cleaning. Keep cleaner within easy reach and spray the shower before getting out of it. Wipe the bathroom sink after each use. If you’re inclined to make the bed, pull up the quilt before you get out of it. Use washable throw rugs with rubber backs in heavy traffic areas. Change filters on the heating/cooling system frequently to cut down on the amount of house dust.

5.      Batch tasks when you can. It takes longer to do small administrative tasks one at a time. Instead practice “saving up” these items. Put all your copies in a “to be copied” project file; your filing in a “to be filed” bin; your receipts and business cards into a “computer” project file. Pick a regular day and time to handle all these tasks at once.

6.      Don’t put things down “just for now.” Temporary places too often become permanent places. Put something away while it’s in your hand rather than allowing the clutter to accumulate in large piles. If clutter does build, take a moment to straighten rooms as you leave them.

7.      Reduce time at the store. Make use of catalogues, which will gift-wrap and mail presents for you. Buy gourmet gifts from an online bakery or specialty store to have on hand when you attend parties—nuts, jams, teas, dried fruits, and candies make excellent gifts. Wrap extras for a guest who shows up unexpectedly and gives you a gift.

8.      Hire it out. You can get the kid down the street to mow your lawn for $20. Considering the $50 you can easily drop when you eat out at a restaurant, that’s money well spent. Now think about hiring out housekeeping, laundry, cooking…

9.      Change your pace. If you normally do your grocery shopping on Saturday, pick a weeknight to go instead. The stores are much less crowded on Wednesday evening than Saturday during the day. The feeling that you want to get home, instead of feeling like you have all day, will keep you clipping down the aisles.

10.  Focus on simple pleasures. When your day’s work is done, make time for yourself. Certainly having relaxation doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Think bubble bath versus spa; a cup of really good coffee versus going to a four-star restaurant. Yes, the more extravagant occasions are nice, too, but when you focus on simple pleasures, you’ll get more for less, in less time, more often.

(C) 2006 Laura Stack.  For more great ideas on finding more time, make sure to grab http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0767922026/qid=1141425861/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/102-1210554-6296940?s=books&v=glance&n=283155



  1. Here is a time saver for the grocery store. The first few times we went to our local grocery store, we wrote down the aisle number next to the item on our list. My husband typed it into excel and sorted it by aisle #. Now we print out 5-6 at a time and hang them on the refrigerator. When we run out of something we just circle it on the list and when we are at the store we only hit the aisles we need to hit. In and out quick and easy. Great for the budget and diet plan too because you don’t end up wandering through the cookie aisle.