Leave Early Fast Company blog

Keith Hammonds posted a comment on the Fast Company magazine blog:

“Are you still in the office? In New York, it’s nearly 6 pm on the eve of a holiday weekend. What are you doing there? (What am I?)

What’s keeping you from going home? Right now? Do you really have so much work that has to get done, or did you spend too much time in useless meetings, or responding to needless emails? Or, you know, checking the stats for your Roto league?

I got a note from the PR rep for someone named Laura Stack, who calls herself “The Productivity Pro.” Stack apparently “has declared June 2nd as National Leave the Office Earlier Day. This national holiday encourages workers to eliminate time wasting behaviors and improve productivity habits. With better behaviors, workers can leave the office earlier and get home to their family and friends.”

So, ok, this is an unusually shameless publicity ploy. And it worked–whatever.

What’s the reality? If you were a lot better about organizing your work and your time, could you reduce a 10-hour workday to 8 hours? How would you start doing that? (We’ve written about one guy, David Allen, who might help you think that through.)

Or is there simply more work than a so-called standard workday can contain?

Now, go home. Seriously.”




  1. Laura, thanks for promoting the June 2 event. All of us have to ask ourselves the same question, “If I can’t get my work done in a reasonable amount of time, what’s keeping me at work for so long?”