Procedure to install a newsreader and subscribe to a blog

I’ll share a simple procedure to install an RSS newsreader, so you can subscribe to blogs and news feeds and receive them direct to your desktop!  No more corporate firewalls to worry about!  No more newsletters going into your spam folder!  You receive exactly what you want to see.  This is the productivity wave of the future, so you may as well figure it out, and I’ll make it easy for you:

1.      Download the free Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

2.      Run a Windows Update 

3.      Select Custom

4.      Select Optional Software updates

5.      Select the option to install .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0

6.      Restart your computer as required.

7.      Go to 

8.      Click the Download button on the left side.  You have already completed step 1.

9.      Click the Download button next to rssreader.exe.

10.  In the file download dialog box, click Run.

11.  Follow the instructions to install RssReader and restart as required.  Now you’re ready to subscribe to feeds!

12.  Go to 

13.  In the right column, RIGHT-CLICK on “Subscribe to this blog’s feed”

14.  Select “Copy Shortcut”

15.  Start RssReader by double-clicking the icon now in your system tray (lower right-hand corner of your screen)

16.  Click the big green + to Add New Feed

17.  In the pop-up box that says “Enter the URL of the feed,” right-click and select Paste.  This will insert the URL from my blog’s feed.

18.  Click OK

19.  Follow steps 11-17 above to add as many news feeds as you want!

20.  Select Tools, Options to set the timing of how often you want to be notified of a new posting on one of your blogs, feeds, etc.  I have mine set to daily. 

When a new post is added to one of your feeds, you’ll get a pop-up window and an alert (I have mine set to a doorbell).  You simply double-click the RssReader icon and view the new postings.



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