Capturing Your Great Ideas

Capturing Ideas

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Make It Matter: Overcome Cynicism and Own Your Job

Make It Matter: Overcome Cynicism and Own Your Job by Laura Stack

Have you noticed how one negative person at work can infect an entire department? How has your attitude been at work and life lately? And how can cynicism impact productivity? Some things you just can't legislate. But you can change yourself and how you perceive your situation. Most workers are not terminally cynical, but I've seen enough to explain the 17-20% job disengagement rate repeatedly reported by business pollsters over the last decade, and the much higher semi-engaged rate. The difficult economic times we're still emerging from may have made you feel betrayed by your company, as many employers pressed their advantages over workers who didn't dare quit in an uncertain economy. For many workers, this hurts still lingers, which can get in the way of enjoying or at least … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Help Your Teammates Be More Productive

Make It Matter

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." -- Napoleon Hill, motivational writer. Who owns team productivity? If you're not the boss, how could you boost your teammates' productivity? This assumes you have the right to assess the quality of their work in the first place, and to interfere with their jobs. After all, it's one thing to ask for help, and something else altogether to have it thrust upon you. But team productivity truly belongs to everyone on the team, at every level. You don't need to force your help on your teammates—just make their jobs easier for them, and act as a role model for those willing to pay attention. Try these ways of helping your teammates: Adopt a pleasant attitude. I'm sick of hearing "nice g … [Read more...]

Increasing Innovation in Your Organization

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Does Your Team Get Along Too Well? Don’t Hesitate to Disagree!

Does Your Team Get Along Too Well by Laura Stack #productivity

You’ve probably been a member of a team before where everyone automatically agrees about everything. Typically, one person forcefully dominates such teams, to the point where it's easiest to go along with what that person decides just to avoid conflict. But anyone who rubberstamps team decisions is guilty of bad team membership, because this kind of groupthink kills initiative, hurts engagement, and damages productivity. Live Wire or Dead Battery?  I'd never recommend that team members go at each other hammer-and-tongs, but a certain level of conflict is healthy. Saying, "I don't think that's our best course of action, and here’s why” is desirable. Even geniuses like Einstein aren't always right. Einstein fought quantum theory at first, but 100 years later it's the best-tested phys … [Read more...]

Promoting Excellence in Your Team

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Productive Technology: Five Must-Have Mobile Apps

Productive Technology: Five Must-Have Mobile Apps by Laura Stack #productivity

"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done." -- Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media. It's curious how user-friendly and simple the apps have become, especially in the hands of Android and Apple, the providers of the two most popular smartphone platforms. All the new apps require is a basic understanding of electronics—the stuff they teach in grade school these days—and a willingness to jump right in and experiment. This technology has literally revolutionized modern business, and new apps are piling on the bandwagon every day. So in this article, I’d like to share five must-face productivity apps that are shaping the user experience and face of business today. 1. Xerox Mobile Link. Xerox has a habit of making the inevitable mergi … [Read more...]

Practicing Continuous Improvement

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