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Tribal 2015

I'm extremely excited to share some important news with you today. It's about an event that can be HUGE for you. It's a powerful three-day conference for tribe builders --- people who are agents of change and want to lead. If that's you, you're going to go CRAZY over this event. It's called TRIBAL. TRIBAL is the first-ever event of its kind, created exclusively for thought leaders, artists, speakers, authors, consultants, information entrepreneurs, political leaders, YouTubers, coaches, or any kind of agent of change who wants to lead a tribe and make a difference. The public announcement will happen in ten days. But I wanted my readers to have a shot at a special early-bird discount. Make the most of it, and bring the best members of your creative team (marketing director, … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips with Laura Stack #productivity

Spring is the perfect time to clean up the clutter and dust that accumulates over winter and set yourself up for a productive remainder of the year! Tackle your project with the following three-step formula:         1. Get ready… Before you begin cleaning, get ready to tackle the clutter. Prepare for a spring cleaning spree. Start by labeling five large boxes: Put Away, Give Away, Store Away, Shred, and Trash. Select an area, such as a drawer, desk or room to organize first. Use a timer. Don’t view spring cleaning as an all-day task! Take an hour here and there to get the job done over several weekends. When you’re ready to begin, set your timer for 50 minutes. When it buzzes, use the last ten minutes of your organization session to handle the boxes: put thing … [Read more...]

Keeping Team Productivity Flowing

Laura talks about how to keep things moving in a team environment. … [Read more...]

Triaging Time: Four Timewasters that May Not Occur to You

Triaging Time: Four Timewasters that May Not Occur to You by Laura Stack #productivity

I'm a big believer in recovering lost time by killing timewasting behaviors, jettisoning useless tasks, and tightening work processes. But no matter how well you've triaged your schedule, you can probably do even more. That's because most of us engage in small, thoughtless actions or omissions that cost us time. Let's look at the worse time-nibblers you may still engage in. 1. Randomly checking email. Even if you've made a commitment to spend less time on your email, it's too easy to log on to see what's come in just before you knock off for lunch or take that much-needed break. Before you know it, you've lost 15 minutes. Clamp down on this temptation, unless you're expecting an important email that requires a prompt response. Spend time planning out a project instead. 2. Failing to … [Read more...]

Hard Work Versus Talent

Laura shares her thoughts on hard work versus talent. (C) 2015 Laura Stack. All Rights Reserved. … [Read more...]

Distractions and the Open Office Environment

Distractions and the Open Office Environment By Laura Stack #productivity

Many workplaces today feature more open spaces and smaller, and often shared, workstations. These open floor plans have become “the new normal” in many organizations. Some people speak of them positively, citing the ability to collaborate with coworkers and the creative feeling they can inspire. However, I hear just as many complaints about the walk-in visitors, interruptions, and noise level negatively affecting workplace satisfaction, productivity, and speech privacy. According to research from UC Irvine, office workers are interrupted once every 11 minutes, and it can take up to 23 minutes to get back to what you were doing before you were interrupted. The brain isn't a marvel of infinite capacity; we are, after all, only human, with all the limitations that implies. One limitation li … [Read more...]

Embracing Cross-Functionality in the Organization

Enjoy this week's podcast---Embracing Cross-Functionality in the Organization … [Read more...]

The Eternal Question: Is it Better to Beg Forgiveness, or Ask Permission?

The Eternal Question: Is it Better to Beg Forgiveness, or Ask Permission? by Laura Stack #productivity

You’ve probably heard Grace Hopper's famous axiom, "It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission." As a child, my father used to tell me that all the time! As a pioneering computer scientist and one of the first female admirals in the U.S. Navy, "Amazing Grace" surely learned the value of begging forgiveness rather than asking permission during her long, storied career. Indeed, Hopper's Law seems to make a lot of sense in many real-world situations. But is it applicable to the workplace? The answer, as with so many other business questions, is, “It depends.” There are reasonable arguments for both sides of the equation, depending on the circumstances. For example, if you're an IT tech, you definitely want to ask permission before changing or upgrading the operating system of an imp … [Read more...]