YOU Can Be a Productivity Pro® Teambuilding Gameshow

You Can Be A Productivity Pro Game Show Keynote Laura Stack #productivityDownload PDFUsing a hysterical, fast-paced, game-show format, your audience members will compete over the bragging rights to the title “THE (your meeting here) PRODUCTIVITY PRO!” Using whole-audience techniques and multi-media, everyone will be involved in this keynote, all the while building stronger teams and learning what it takes to be productive in today’s busy workplaces. You can expect musical instruments, videos, songs, audience interaction, shouting, prizes, and attendees up on stage. But it’s not ALL fun and games! Audience members will learn about the Characteristics of a Productivity PRO, so great content is added to the fun—all customized around the performance focus areas YOU want to highlight for your meeting.

Sample objectives include (customized for your meeting theme):

  1. Invest time in the game changers.
  2. Stay focused and concentrate on your work.
  3. Save your fellow team members time.

YOU Can Be a Productivity Pro Teambuilding Gameshow Keynote by Laura Stack #productivity

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Productivity Keynote

Productivity Keynote