The Exhaustion Cure Keynote

The Exhaustion Cure Keynote by Laura Stack, The Productivity ProProgram Description

The Exhaustion Cure: UP Your Energy From LOW to GO in 21 Days

Based on Laura’s book of the same title (Broadway Books, 2008), this is her energy speech on how to be productive when you can’t pick yourself up off the couch. Lack of energy is a common complaint at work and home, and many people sleepwalk through the day, fuzzyheaded and lethargic. Nothing sounds more attractive than putting your head down on your desk for a quick nap. How can you possibly begin that big project requiring high levels of creativity and concentration? If the mere thought of having more energy leaves you totally exhausted, you need this program! Perfect for the pooped. You can know all the productivity tips in the world, but nothing will work if you don’t have the energy to give 100 percent. Laura boosts your energy with physiological strategies (such as diet, exercise, and sleep), behavioral strategies (such as tolerations, relaxation, and pacing), and environmental strategies (such as lighting, noise, and clutter). Discover the Energy Bandits that sap your energy every day and learn to fight back with Energy Boosters.

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