Testimonials from Public Workshops

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I feel certain that the course will save me a couple of hours per week from here on out. But, more importantly, the course will build habits that will lower my stress level and provide me a better quality of life.

A side benefit to all this is the effect that it has on those you work closely with. I would encourage entire teams of people to take this sort of training. That way everybody uses the same language and the same thinking process.
Jeff Annis, Owner, Advanced Services

Oh My Goodness!

Can I just say that you have just turned my world around. You would be so proud of me! Between my tickler file and all the cool tools you shared with us on Friday, I’m a productivity princess and lovin life!!!! I have not felt this on top of my to-do list in months. You are an angel. Thanks again for including me.

You just have NO idea. Really.

New planner. New plan. New tools. New knowledge. New mindset. New energy. New enthusiasm. New HOPE!!!
Katrina Mitchell, Chief Match Maker, SPEAK!

I really enjoyed the Productivity Academy and was able to start using your tips right away. You also such an engaging instructor!
The first thing I did was to start using my “To Do” List in Lotus Notes. I have to admit, I was really hesitant to delete my emails, but now that I use the To Do feature, it has kept everything in front of me so I don’t have to waste time going back through emails to ‘”find something”…and my email inbox is shrinking! I’ve also been using it to track voice mail so that I don’t have sticky notes everywhere.
I still have a ways to go, but I really benefited from your ideas. Thank you so much.

Kathy Joyce, HR Director, Colorado Office of the State Auditor

One thing that I have put into place is the 6D’s of organization. I check email frequently throughout the day (since in my business most emails need to be handled that day). I have made a commitment to following the 6D’s and especially follow the 3 minute rule as if it was the 11th commandment!

Another big take away was how to say no.. I especially like asking “at what level of detail does this need to be done?”.

The other big thing I took away was working with my energy levels. I have scheduled myself to do my most daunting tasks during my peak energy level which is between 9 and 11:00 am. I find that at the end of the day I feel more accomplished than I used to, especially knowing that my toughest projects were completed and not put off for another day.

I absolutely loved the class. It was a little long, but looking back I wouldn’t have wanted anything to be left out.

During a recent weekend retreat with all of the ladies from my organization, I shared with them the energy cycle and encouraged them to work with their peak energy while doing the hard tasks of their jobs.

Kristy Kruger, Home Services Branch Manager, Advanced Services, Inc.

I have benefited hugely from the tasking tools in Microsoft Outlook, particularly saving emails to tasks – as well as your 3-minute rule. My inbox is emptied every time I check my email! I am also using standing tickler files at work and home, which has helped me corral all that incoming paperwork! Finally, I am aware of what times of the day I should be working on more difficult tasks, but I have not gotten to where I’ve committed to doing it yet – work in progress!

I purchased two of your books – The Exhaustion Cure, and Find More Time and am enjoying both. Your workshop was hugely beneficial. I plan to share a couple of your tips with my team at work the beginning of December, and will highly recommend to them that they attend your workshop when given the opportunity.
Dana Miller, Div 6 Dam Safety Engineer, CO Division of Water Resources