SUPERCOMPETENT®: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best Keynote

Supercompetent KeynoteDownload PDFIn this keynote, emerging leaders, high potentials, and new leaders will learn how to achieve peak performance in the workplace. In this competitive economy, just being able to do your job is no longer enough. Competence is expected; you’ve got to be SuperCompetent to get an edge. SuperCompetent will give you proven methods to reach your maximum potential and achieve breakthrough results.


You’ll get to your productive best by mastering six keys to peak performance:

  1. Activity: the value and importance you place on your work
  2. Availability: the mastery over your schedule
  3. Attention: the capacity to focus intently and concentrate on tasks
  4. Accessibility: the ability to organize the inputs and outputs in your life
  5. Accountability: the extent to which you take personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes
  6. Attitude: your motivation, drive, and proactiveness

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