SuperCompetent Book Club

Book Club for Laura Stack’s book SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best (Wiley, 2010)

SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best by Laura StackAudience: This program is a low-cost, medium-impact developmental opportunity for high potentials in leadership development programs and for emerging leaders who want to become high potentials. Mentors of high potentials might want to run a smaller “book nook” with just a few select individuals. Or introduce the SUPERCOMPETENT culture across your entire organization.

To order, call 303-471-7401.

Package A: BASIC: $49 per person (sold in multiples of 10)

  • One hardcover copy of SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best (Wiley, 2010) per person.
  • One softcover discussion guide per person.
  • Leader guide, set-up instructions, and license to run the book club (delivered in PDF format).

Package B: UPGRADED: add $100 per person (discounts available after 100 people)

All of Package A plus…

  • Six online videos by Laura Stack (to be viewed privately by each participant prior to each book club meeting or as a group in the meeting).
  • Access to The Productivity University, our online LMS with 30+ hours of training in myriad personal productivity topics, such as Outlook, time management, concentration, handling timewasters, organization, discipline, life balance, stress management, dealing with interruptions, planning, scheduling, etc.
  • Discounts for individual coaching with Laura Stack for those with personal productivity in their developmental plans.

Package C: PREMIUM: add $10,000 plus $1,000 flat travel fee

All of Packages A and B plus a “Kick off” presentation or workshop with Laura Stack.

Example: Packages A-C with 100 participants:

A = $49 x 100 $4,900
B = $100 x 100 +$10,000
C = $10,000 plus $1,000 travel +$11,000
TOTAL $25,900

Frequently Asked Questions

GROUP FORMATION. How should I form the groups?

  • Some organizations provide this development opportunity as an optional experience and offer the option to the target HiPo group.
  • Others have focused a concerted effort on developing SuperCompetent cultures within their organizations and rolled it out to a larger population.

GROUP SIZE. How many people are in a group?

  • The ideal size is between five to seven people per discussion group (if you have 25 people show up for a book club meeting, divide the larger group into five smaller groups).
  • I don’t suggest permanent teams, since some people are on vacation or miss a club meeting due to another meeting conflict, etc.

LOCATION. Where should I hold the meetings?

  • If you have logical geographical teams, you can hold them onsite.
  • If your teams are remote, you can hold meetings via phone, video conference, gotomeeting, or other virtual platform.

FREQUENCY. How often should the discussion groups meet?

  • The book is divided into Six Keys, so six sessions are logical. A weekly meeting may be too much, but a monthly meeting will cause the group to lose interest.
  • Reading the book in one month also seems daunting.
  • Twice a month seems to be the right number; the program would run three months using this structure. Feel free to adjust to the needs of your groups.

LENGTH. How long should the meetings run?

  • One hour to 90 minutes seems to work best.

RESOURCES. Does the program use other resources in addition to the book?

  • The discussion guide will lead participants through a practical application of the material to their jobs and your organization.
  • Laura kicks off each club meeting with a five-minute online video corresponding to each Key (accessed online with a password), to be viewed privately or as a group.
  • An optional monthly “live” webinar with Laura features her answering questions posed by participants.

SPEAKING. Can you come to our facility, conference, or meeting to “kick off” the program?

  • Absolutely. I would be delighted to chat with you about this option. Email me at [email protected] or call 303-471-7401. If your group is large enough, we offer discounts.

DEVELOPMENT. How do we tie this into development plans?

  • For participants with time management/organization/follow up/efficiency/productivity issues identified as part of a developmental plan, the discussion guide may be used to select behaviors for performance appraisals.
  • It’s also beneficial to ask some of your more experienced leaders to join you and share their insights. Make their mentors aware of the book club, so they can engage in discussions as well.
  • Discounted executive coaching with Laura (for program participants only) is also available.

CULTURE. How should we follow up to “hard wire” the learning or provide training?

  • You can discuss actual case studies and best practices at staff meetings, project updates, websites, and blogs.
  • Post stories and best practices on your intranet.
  • Train-the-trainer and licensed curriculum is available for half-day and full-day training sessions.

REWARDS. How can we encourage participation from the beginning to the end?

  • All participants who attend all six sessions will win bonus resources from Laura Stack as well as eligibility for a monthly big prize drawing (we have online courses and MP3s we can donate).