Seminar – Teams: Making Teams Work

How to Work Productively and Effectively as a Team

Making Teams WorkIt takes a lot of work and discussion to get a team to function productively and effectively. Tapping a team’s creative power can only happen when team members recognize and value each other’s contributions and strengths. This course helps you realize the impact of your time management style and personality on others and relate positively as a team. During the program, the team will generate its own code of conduct to guide future relationships and behavior. Through fun team-building activities, they will leave with increased cohesiveness, cooperation, and trust.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the advantages of using teams to solve problems.
  • Increase the circle of trust and understanding among team members.
  • Test team members’ time style and graph the team.
  • Determine the strengths and liabilities of each style.
  • Learn how each other “ticks” and how to work more effectively using the styles.
  • Determine the most effective use of communication mediums for different messages.
  • Learn proper office etiquette on interrupting meetings, cell phones, email manners, showing up late for meetings, etc.
  • Create monthly, quarterly, and annual strategic plans, to make sure efforts are directed toward the same goals.
  • Improve the productivity of team meetings by developing a standard code of conduct.
  • Analyze problems, determine causes, and brainstorm improvements.
  • Participate in “team building” exercises to bond, improve trust, and build cohesiveness.
  • Create a recipe for your ideal team.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the TEAMS: Making Teams Work course to share or print.

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