Seminar – Social Media: The Digital Quicksand

Avoiding Time-Sucking Habits in a Web 2.0 World

Social Media - Digital QuicksandSocial networks and other social media tools are great resources but lousy masters. Social media can expand
the reach of your organization, but it can make you LESS productive if you’re not careful. Your inbox is
overflowing with status updates, discussions, and “someone posted on your wall” notifications. You could
spend all day hopping around to different sites, updating your information, and connecting with people all over the world. But how does that add to your daily productivity? This course teaches you how to take
advantage of social media, without it taking advantage of you. You’ll learn how to emphasize the positive aspects of social media without letting it kill your productivity.

Course Objectives

  • Nail down your social media goals and pick a few key targets.
  • Avoid distractions and obsessive compulsive social media disorder.
  • Embrace third-party applications to automate tasks.
  • Avoid counter-productive procrastination behaviors.
  • Auto-file social media emails into folders.
  • Turn off alerts to your phone and email.
  • Conquer social media OCD.
  • Avoid doing anything manually.
  • Get into a routine and keep up with it.
  • Scan and cull, rather than checking and reading in real time.
  • Turn one post into multiple posts; systemize your processes.
  • Broadcast your message across multiple networks.
  • Don’t search—scan!
  • Use Twitter and Twitter apps effectively.
  • Podcast with audio and/or video and set up an iTunes feed.
  • Tag and share your content.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the SOCIAL MEDIA: Avoiding Time-Sucking Habits in a Web 2.0 World course to share or print.

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