Seminar – Safety: Putting Safety Ahead of Productivity

Never Sacrifice Safety for Efficiency

Never Sacrificing Safety for ProductivityProduce, produce, produce! That’s the mantra leaders and workers hear today. But at what cost? You might meet your production goals, but none of that matters if three people were hospitalized this week or worse. Laura Stack, who has consulted for nearly 20 years in the field of productivity, offers a cautionary tale for safety meetings around the 5 Foes of Safety: FAST, FOCUS, FATIGUE, FAMILIARITY, and FAULTY COMMUNICATION.
Through funny illustrations, videos, and exercises, Laura demonstrates to workers that the friends of productivity (efficiency, focus, and self-care) can be the foes of safety (speed, distraction, and exhaustion) and reminds them to put SAFETY FIRST.

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the friends of productivity and safety.
  • Discover how and when the friends of productivity become foes of safety.
  • Experience what happens when you go too fast or lose focus.
  • Watch humorous videos that illustrate the 5-F key concepts.
  • Outline the Five Foes (the 5F’s) of Safety: FAST, FOCUS, FATIGUE, FAMILIARITY and FAULTY COMMUNICATION.
  • Go fast and take shortcuts only when they don’t sacrifice safety.
  • Learn how to concentrate and avoid the perils of distraction.
  • Practice proper self-care and sleep habits, so you stay alert on the job site.
  • Discover how being too smart and relying on your brain can cause accidents.
  • Avoid accidents with teamwork, self-discipline, and a goal focus.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the SAFETY: Never Sacrificing Safety for Productivity course to share or print.

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