Seminar – Meetings: Planning and Conducting Productive Meetings

How to Take Minutes Without Wasting Hours

Productive Meetings: Taking Minutes Without Wasting HoursMeetings, meetings, meetings! Where minutes are taken and hours are wasted. Today’s managers and professionals spend so much time attending them…you’d think most would be trained in how to plan and run them. Not so. Most meetings frustrate employees, because agendas aren’t distributed, objectives aren’t
defined, time runs over, and no decisions are made. Another two hours of your day down the drain! This course gives people who call meetings the requisite skills to plan and execute a productive meeting, and follow-up properly afterward. It also provides the protocols necessary to keep a meeting on the right
track, even if you’re just attending. You will learn to achieve the objectives of the meeting, in a minimum amount of time, in a way that’s satisfying to all participants.

Course Objectives

  • Understand why most meetings fail.
  • Decide if a meeting is necessary.
  • Determine the best type of meeting for your needs.
  • Learn to develop a useful, detailed agenda.
  • Select the correct logistics (participants, time, location, and environment).
  • Ensure that all participants are prepared.
  • Set meeting ground rules and codes of conduct.
  • Assign various meeting roles (leader, participant, time keeper, and scribe).
  • Run the meeting productively in minimum time.
  • Make decisions that are of high quality and supported by everyone.
  • Guarantee that all attendees participate.
  • Assign, document, evaluate, and follow-up on outcomes.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the MEETINGS: Taking Minutes Without Wasting Hours course to share or print.

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