Seminar – Execution: Execution IS the Strategy

How Leaders Create Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Execution IS the StrategyLaura Stack believes that creating a strategy isn’t the biggest leadership challenge—it’s executing the strategy. If you know your strategy is right on, how do you get your team to nail it? In this innovative program, Stack discusses how the LEAD strategy helps leaders quickly drive strategic initiatives and get great results from their teams. The pressures on an organization to move quickly mirror the pressures individuals face on a personal level. Organizations will create better results if leaders can create agile cultures, full of strategic thinkers.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the Four LEAD Principles of Execution: Leverage, Environment, Alignment, and Drive.
  • Discover how to get more leverage from your strategic priorities.
  • Use the Five Why’s to drill down to the changes you need to see.
  • Lead dispersed virtual, global teams more effectively through core identity, mission, values, and ground rules.
  • Discuss the 6 C’s of impact points in global teams: Cohesiveness, Connection, Competition, Culture, Collaboration, and Communication.
  • Help your team embrace change, push past fear, and nurture creativity and innovation.
  • Determine the balance between engagement and performance in the workplace.
  • Determine which of the four work styles apply to your team members.
  • Help employees perform at higher levels and align their work with your strategic priorities.
  • Create an environment of excellence and engagement within your team.
  • Define personal and team time wasters and discover ways to create efficiencies.
  • Roll out changes on a dime and develop a culture of speed.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the EXECUTION: Creating More Efficient, Agile Organizations course to share or print.

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