Seminar – Etiquette: Working Well With Others

Eliminating Time-Wasting Behaviors in the Workplace Using Proper Etiquette and Common Courtesy

Eliminating Time-Wasting Behaviors in the WorkplaceAn employee hits “Reply to All” to 17 people and says, “Me too!” A collective groan goes up from the group as they read her response, since she added nothing to the conversation and wasted everyone’s time. A co-worker knocks on the closed door of another, who is trying to focus on a project, and says, “Gotta minute?” A meeting attendee comments in a meeting, “That reminds me…” and takes the entire group down a rabbit trail. ENOUGH! We must all work together to develop and follow proper workplace protocols to keep from wasting each other’s time. This course teaches the common courtesies and etiquette that a productive employee should exhibit.

Course Objectives

  • Determine which medium is most appropriate to communicate your message.
  • Use the 5 C’s of effective email to convey the desired tone and ensure your message gets read.
  • Reduce obsessive-compulsive email disorder and control your actions.
  • Avoid time-wasting email behaviors that slow down the recipients of your email.
  • Discuss today’s commonly accepted courtesies and protocol for conference calls.
  • Agree on guidelines that your team or organization will follow in meetings.
  • Discover simple tricks to reduce information overload and decrease volume by 50%.
  • Create a “drop-in visitor” policy, so you can communicate to others when you’re busy, without hurting their feelings.
  • Auto-file regular emails to speed up processing and reduce email volume.
  • Craft guidelines around the use of technology during meetings and conference calls.
  • Discuss phone, cellphone, text, and IM courtesies and protocols.
  • Develop a systematic method to keep your inbox empty and stay in control.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the ETIQUETTE: Eliminating Time-Wasting Behaviors in the Workplace course to share or print.

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