Seminar – Energy: Maintaining Energy During The Day

Beat the Exhaustion and Be More Productive

Maintaining Energy During the DayHow much energy and vitality do you have throughout the day to accomplish the things you want to do? It’s  hard to be productive when you just want to put your head down on your desk and take a nap. You have the potential to dramatically impact your productivity by paying closer attention to your energy behaviors. You’ll learn the factors that contribute to low energy (the “energy bandits”) and how to reduce their effects. Then you’ll build up and renew sources of positive force (with “energy boosters”). This seminar will guide you in making the changes necessary to give you vitality and productivity every day!

Course Objectives

  • Sneak in your weekly exercise requirement through simply daily activity changes.
  • Discover proper sleep behaviors and what you’re doing to sabotage a good night’s sleep.
  • Learn what foods, substances, and vices crash your blood sugar levels and stock metabolism-boosting snacks.
  • Experience consistent levels of energy throughout the day and avoid the roller-coaster effect.
  • Monitor and adjust the noise level in your office, so it’s conducive to productivity.
  • Feel energized by the lighting, temperature, color, and smells surrounding you.
  • Ensure that your work space is comfortable and ergonomically correct.
  • Find out if you are a workaholic and addicted to your job.
  • Learn how humor and laughter increase energy levels.
  • Discover your energy prime times and what tasks are better done at different times of the day.
  • Keep the clutter in your life at bay and maintain organized surroundings.
  • Experience the effects of “stinking thinking,” such as worry and anger, on your energy levels.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the ENERGY: Maintaining High Energy and Performance During the Day course to share or print.

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