Seminar – Email: Using Microsoft Outlook® Effectively

Manage Your Workflow and Keep Your Inbox Empty

Using Microsoft Outlook EffectivelyDid you get formal training in using Outlook? Most employees don’t. “Here are your computer, your email address, and your in-box, good luck” is usually as good as it gets. Thousands of email messages later, it’s impossible to keep on top of it. In this course, Outlook methods are demonstrated “live” by a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist. Optionally, if computers are available, participants can follow along and practice “hands on.” This is not simple computer training; it is workflow processing, where employees use Outlook to get work done and increase performance dramatically.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the nine different features of the navigation pane: it’s not all about your inbox and calendar.
  • Customize notification and send/receive options to maintain concentration and avoid electronic interruption.
  • Discover tricks to reduce the size of your inbox and stay under your limit.
  • Learn new techniques to organize personal folders and quickly find information.
  • Create Note, Contact, Journal, Task, and Calendar Folders and learn how to use them.
  • Use Rules to organize and run programs on your messages.
  • Automatically convert an email into a Task or Appointment.
  • Assign and track Tasks for other people and quickly see the status.
  • Keep multiple Calendars for other people, school, or your personal life.
  • Use Notes to keep lists and store clippings from the Internet.
  • Immediately access any email you sent to a Contact, without having to look in your Sent Items.
  • Track every meeting, conversation, and phone call with any Contact and quickly access the information years later.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the EMAIL: Using Microsoft Outlook Effectively and Keeping Your Inbox Empty course to share or print.

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