Seminar – Efficiency: Building Speed and Agility

Be More Efficient and Get More Done in Less Time

Efficiency: Building Speed and AgilityDo you ever feel like you’re doing things the hard way? That it takes you twice as long as it should to complete a task? If you ever say to yourself, “There HAS to be a better way to do this,” then this class is for you. Learn the skills of efficiency, and you’ll spend less time working and will get things done more quickly, with less effort. Reduce keystrokes, take shortcuts, and ease brain damage.

Course Objectives

  • Simplify tasks by eliminating steps in a procedure.
  • Use templates to respond to frequently-asked questions.
  • Buy the software that will speed up common tasks.
  • Manage your availability with calendar scheduling techniques.
  • Improve the processes and procedures within your job.
  • Use checklists and reminders to relieve your brain.
  • Automate manual processes.
  • Take shortcuts for repetitious, predictable tasks.
  • Read quickly and maintain concentration without rereading.
  • Spend down time productively while waiting or driving.
  • Batch tasks requiring similar actions.
  • Double up or combine activities.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the EFFICIENCY: Building Speed and Agility course to share or print.

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