Seminar – Discipline: Doing What You Need to Do

Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Becoming Self-Disciplined - Doing What You Need to Do, Even When You Don’t Feel Like ItSelf-discipline refers to your ability to maintain consistent, productive behavior. Are you persistent in completing your high priority tasks, without getting sidelined by menial activities? Do
you put your nose to the grindstone each day, or do you only work hard when you’re in the mood? Sure, everyone has an “off day.” But if you’re self-disciplined, you exhibit consistent focus in your day-to-day work, even if you don’t feel like it.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the psychology of procrastination and uncover the issues behind your habits.
  • Recognize why sometimes it’s not procrastination at all: it could be energy, motivation, laziness, or ability.
  • Discover what happens to you every day that keeps you from doing what you know you should be doing.
  • Avoid the crisis you create by putting things off until the last minute; learn to estimate and plan realistically.
  • Uncover your common distractions and timewasters and create personal rules to avoid them.
  • Keep your co-workers from interrupting and derailing your plans.
  • Be proactive and do things in advance of the due date: learn to be an “early.”
  • Control perfectionism, realizing that some things are “good enough.”
  • Establish personal rules and policies to avoid the things you know distract you.
  • Handle common tasks on a daily basis to keep them from piling up and becoming overwhelming.
  • Arrive at appointments and meetings on time; learn how to plan backwards.
  • Gain scores of new ideas on how to control procrastination.

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