Seminar – Delegation: Effective Delegation Techniques

Achieving Great Results Through Others

Effective Delegation Techniques: Achieving Great Results Through OthersDo you work ten hours a day? Do you take work home on weekends? One symptom of overwork is improper
delegation. Productive people know how to get help and delegate. John F. Kennedy surrounded himself with smart people and told them about his goal. He said, “Within ten years, we’re going to put someone on the moon.” He never told anyone how to do it, but it happened anyway. Delegation is an extension of your own hands: the more you can multiply your hands, the more successful you can be.

Course Objectives

  • Understand why you should delegate and why you aren’t delegating enough.
  • Learn the symptoms of poor delegation.
  • Identify which of your activities you should delegate.
  • Delegating accountability, authority, and responsibility: what’s the difference?
  • Choose the right person for the task.
  • Avoid over-delegating to one person.
  • Gain employee participation and buy-in.
  • Avoid reverse delegation of a task back to you.
  • Learn an 8-step delegation process.
  • Motivate people to rally to the cause and increase productivity through greater effort.
  • Motivating employees in an environment of uncertainty and change.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to create and track task requests.
  • Track a delegated item through completion.
  • Give constructive feedback throughout the process.

Download a one-page PDF sheet about the DELEGATION: Achieving Great Results Through Others course to share or print.

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