Seminar – Balance: Balancing Work, Family, and Your Sanity

Get More Done in Less Time and Leave the Office Earlier

Balancing Work and Family: Keep Your Job, Your Family, and Your SanitySuccessful people don’t trade personal satisfaction for professional achievement. They know high performance depends on both. You work hard all day at work and then go home—to the second shift—the one you don’t get paid for. To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by balancing the urgent demands of work and personal life, professionals must be able to balance both without sacrificing either. When you discover the right mix of time and accomplishment in both arenas, you’ll rediscover vision, vitality, and meaning in your life!

Course Objectives

  • Establish your governing purpose and values.
  • Describe a personal vision for the right mix of work and life.
  • Design your “ideal” life and allocate time according to your values.
  • Set appropriate boundaries and stick to your guns, saying “no” creatively.
  • Stop thinking about work and enjoy your personal time.
  • Refuse to do everything yourself and ask for help when you need it.
  • Create rituals with your family to reconnect during stressful times.
  • Determining appropriate technology limits when you’re with your family or on personal time.
  • Distinguish between “negotiable” and “non-negotiable” activities.
  • Develop strategies to manage and create discretionary time.
  • Learn shortcuts, systems, and routines that get personal chores done more quickly.
  • Complete shopping, errands, cleaning, and household projects more efficiently.

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