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Fewer Pixels
David Matthies created a fantastic mobile app for me to connect my audience with my blog posts, tweets, videos, social media, and other resources. Perfect for businesses, trainers, speakers, coaches, and consultants. Go to your market and search for “Laura Stack.” I highly recommend him!

Laura is the creator of The Productivity Pro(R) line of branded Day-Timer planner for handheld users.

3M Workspace Solutions
3M Workspace Solutions for comfort, organization, health, and productivity.

Featuring articles, webcasts, and tips by Laura Stack.

Ovation Consulting
I personally recommend Bill Stainton, who writes and delivers customized humorous keynotes. This guy has won 29 Emmys, written for The Tonight Show, and helped train the CIA.

The Software Pro®
Dawn Bjork Buzbee is The Software Pro® and a certified Microsoft Office Expert and Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor. Dawn shares smart and easy ways to effectively use software through her work as a software speaker, trainer, and consultant. Discover shortcuts, tips, tactics, tools, and techniques to help you to be more productive with the software programs you use every day.

Protect your productivity! Office and cubicle message barriers.

An online polling tool that eliminates toggling between participants’ calendars and inefficient email chains—obtaining the availability of external parties is made effortless—regardless of time management system.

Nowicki Productions
Marianne created the book trailer for my book, SUPERCOMPETENT, as featured on Awesome!

Judy O’Beirn
Judy’s team helped SUPERCOMPETENT get to #1 in Business Skills and #40 overall on with their online promotion services.