Leave the Office Earlier Tip Sheets

Throwing more time at your work isn’t going to save you from being overwhelmed: you’ll always have more things to do than time to do them. The problem isn’t time shortage; it’s time usage. In this series of messages, adapted from her book Leave the Office Earlier, the Productivity Pro® Laura Stack teaches you how to use your time more wisely, so you can have an enjoyable life beyond the office. Each chapter explains one of the ten characteristics of productive people. Each tip sheet corresponds with one of the ten chapters of the book, the first letters of which spell the word “PRODUCTIVE.”

1) Chapter-1-Preparation
2) Chapter-2-Reduction
3) Chapter-3-Order
4) Chapter-4-Discipline
5) Chapter-5-Unease
6) Chapter-6-Concentration
7) Chapter-7-Time Mastery
8) Chapter-8-Information Management
9) Chapter-9-Vitality
10) Chapter-10-Equilibrium