Email Time Saving Tip

[TRANSCRIPT] So, part of the mindset that you have to get out of is that email have to be living in your inbox in order for you to do something with them. And by the way, you are all looking at me like deer in the headlights. Yes, your email program does this! Most people’s email training was, “Here’s your inbox—go.” If you spend some time understanding how to use the tools that are right in front of you, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time. Okay, back to the demo. After we do this task and mark it complete—oooh that feels good—it comes off your task list. If you ever want to see any of your completed tasks, you can view those. This is something we could easily dig into for a half day. The critical point to remember is you must pull the action out of the email and turn it into a task. Have ONE list where all of your inboxes come in. Now, you are organized and can make good choices based on value.