The Increasing Demands Of Work


The bar keeps going up. Customers are more demanding, we found that out. Your internal customers are a little more demanding now. Remember when we were in hotel rooms and there didn’t used to be coffee makers. Do you remember those days? Remember the first time you went to a hotel room and there was a coffee maker! I remember the first time this happened to me. I didn’t even drink coffee but I made it because it was so cool. Look at that, coffee. Now, if you go to a hotel today, and there is not a coffee maker, now what do you think? What is wrong with this place? I can’t believe they don’t have a coffee maker. So, the bar used to be here, no coffee maker. And, then you got a coffee maker. What’s this called? Perceived satisfaction. Now, here’s the bar, coffee maker. You go to Vegas, they don’t give you a coffee maker. Because they want you to go down to the lobby and buy Starbucks. Right? Perceived dissatisfaction. So what happens to the bar? It’s going up. Now, what do people want? Robes, microwaves, hair dryer. Do you think people are going to get less demanding over time or more demeaning. It’s going to happen. Is email going to get worse or better? If you don’t figure out how to stay on top of it, how to work with your inbox, how to reduce some of the things you are doing, how to think differently, it’s going to overwhelm you.