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Quick Group Decision-Making: A Brief Guide 

One of the hobgoblins of teamwork is groupthink. This occurs when a team rubberstamps the decisions of the team leader or a particularly strong personality without debate. Groupthink destroys creativity and innovation, and it often occurs because people have learned that fighting for something isn’t worth the effort. If they get punished for even trying, or no one listens to them anyway, they will stop giving input. This results in a declining, hidebound team that just goes through the motions and falls apart when the guiding force leaves. If the team resides high enough in the organizational hierarchy, it can take organizational productivity down with it when it crumbles. Read the full article.

This week on LinkedIn:

A Bit of This, a Bit of That: The Method of Multiple Working Perspectives

A Bit of This, a Bit of That: The Method of Multiple Working Perspectives by Laura Stack #productivityIn many sciences, including fields as varied as archaeology, psychology, and geology, scientists conducting research use a perspective called “the method of multiple working hypotheses.” In other words, they don’t test just one idea at a time; they test several. They begin with multiple hypotheses that may explain the results they experience or have experienced in the past. Then they narrow down the field as they proceed. Sometimes they narrow it down so well they eliminate all their original hypotheses and have to generate more. Read More on LinkedIn.

In the news:

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