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Email Communication and Etiquette: How to Use Email Productively with Your Team 

Email has revolutionized global business, allowing for detailed 24-hour communication where telephone communication isn’t practical, freeing us from bending over backwards to match up times zones across a large planet. Most of the same people who understand its advantages probably also consider email the bane of their existence, since they receive hundreds of messages a day. Like most technology, email has proven a double-edged blade, its nearly miraculous advantages often offset by pure annoyance. Read the full article.

This week on LinkedIn:

Looking Ahead: Acting as Your Team’s Visionary Thinker

Looking Ahead: Acting as Your Team's Visionary Thinker by Laura Stack #productivityOver the last two decades, authors have written hundreds of books and articles about how and why leaders must be visionary thinkers, able to pull reasonable expectations of the future out of their crystal balls and implement plans to guide their teams appropriately. But why don’t more publications urge all team members to act as visionaries?  Read More on LinkedIn.

In the news:

Don’t delegate that! 3 tasks managers should never pass off at HR Morning

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