Weekly Productivity eNews – September 8, 2015

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The 15 Characteristics of a Productive Team: What Matters Most

In the 25 years since I started my company The Productivity Pro, Inc., I’ve worked with literally hundreds of teams on improving their performance and collective productivity. Here are the 15 characteristics I’ve seen in those that are the most successful.

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Respectful Creativity: Encouraging Different Viewpoints on Your Team

Respectful Creativity: Encouraging Different Viewpoints on Your TeamEffective teams are most often led by leaders who expect innovation and therefore encourage diverse viewpoints. (click to tweet) This is no secret, despite the fact that—as cynics will surely point out—we rarely practice the concept adequately, and I would agree. However, we also let pettiness, bureaucracy, groupthink, disengagement, laziness, and other failings hinder our creativity and slow us down. Business as usual runs down and crushes flexible creativity. Read More on LinkedIn.

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1-Minute Strategies: September ’15 at Business Management Daily

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