Workplace Productivity Ruts

Determined to jump out of a workplace productivity rut? Don’t forget to reconnect with your Muse.

Now, the hardnosed businessperson in you might view such a statement with a bit of suspicion. What, you may ask, does “a Muse” have to do with revitalizing your productivity at work? Well…everything, really. Your Muse represents, collectively, all those things that drive your creativity. While you can be productive for a while without any real inspiration, the lack can eventually wear you down into a rut where you’re content to maintain no better than minimum standards. Work becomes boring and pointless…and there goes your productivity.

When you feel the walls closing in, stop and think about why you work in the first place. Ultimately, what do you intend to achieve? Go back and review your goals, both corporate and personal. Think deeply about why those goals matter, and reach out for the motivational triggers that can help you bridge the gap between just going through the motions and achieving results that count. What can inspire you to climb out of your rut, back onto the productive track?

If you can’t see a way directly from Point A to your final destination, then start working toward an intermediate Point B…and then Point C and Point D, as necessary. If you can’t make the necessary inner connection, seek motivation from outside. Ask for feedback from those who matter to you (end users, family, superiors, etc.), glean the nuggets of wisdom from their advice, and implement the necessary repairs. Otherwise, try engaging in a little friendly competition with co-workers. Read motivational works in your field. Have someone whom you respect act as an accountability partner to spur you on.

The point is to give your Muse a nudge (or a kick, if necessary) to wake her up. Once you find what works to get her off her duff, integrate those triggers into your personal productivity programs, so your workplace productivity can rev along in high gear from then on.