Don’t Buy Laura Stack’s New Book!

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my newest book, SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best (John Wiley & Sons), on August 9, 2010. This work culminates my 18 years of studying the art and science of personal productivity and describes the six behaviors high-achieving employees demonstrate over their lower-performing peers.

However, DON’T buy it! Yes, that’s right–don’t buy it–until August 9. If you purchase the book on August 9 from any online or retail bookstore and forward your receipt to [email protected], you’ll receive bonus gifts from several speaking colleagues, such as Mark Sanborn, Roxanne Emmerich, Terri Sjodin, and:

· Dianna Booher is providing a free eBook Write to the Point. Dianna Booher teaches you to write clear, concise, compelling documents (email, sales letters, proposals, reports) quickly and get the action you want! Get this 48-page ebook to take the pain out of the writing process. Access quick tips to apply immediately to reduce your writing time and get your point across.

· Joe Calloway’s Becoming a Category of One redefined competition with its lessons on how to truly differentiate in a marketplace of sameness. In the revised and updated edition of Becoming a Category of One, Calloway rethinks, repositions, and reenergizes that message. A new chapter includes ideas from guest contributors Mark Sanborn, Larry Winget, Jim Cathcart, Scott McKain, and eight other experts on business and competition.

· Eric Chester is providing a FREE copy of his eBook Employing Generation Why, which is being called the quintessential guide to recruiting, hiring, training, motivating and retaining the emerging workforce.

Read about the book at or at the bottom of this message.

I will send out reminders for the BUY DATE of August 9 to receive your bonuses! I’d welcome the opportunity to bring the SUPERCOMPETENT culture to your organization. Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 303-471-7401 if you would like me to speak at an upcoming meeting or conference.

Wishing you a peaceful, productive summer!

SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best

To be successful in the business world and reach your full potential in life, it’s not enough to be simply competent. Our modern, super-competitive world is full of opportunities for the go-getter, but to take advantage of them, it’s essential to become “SuperCompetent.” The SUPERCOMPETENT person is one that companies fight to get, fight to keep, nurture as team players, and see as future leaders in their business growth.

But SuperCompetence isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something that you can learn, no matter where your strengths lie or what industry you work in. In SUPERCOMPETENT, productivity expert Laura Stack identifies the behaviors that build leadership skills, boost organizational efficiency, and blast high potential producers to the top of their fields. With Stack’s Six Keys, you’ll be able to consistently improve your performance, develop the confidence that will propel you forward, and achieve breakthrough results in your career.

1. Activity: The value and importance you place on your tasks and priorities

2. Availability: The ability to master your schedule and protect your time

3. Attention: The capacity to focus intently and concentrate on critical activities

4. Accessibility: The skill to organize your workflow and quickly find information

5. Accountability: The extent to which you assume personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes

6. Attitude: The intensity of your motivation, drive, and proactiveness

With worksheets and quizzes that help you evaluate your performance at every stage, and invaluable resources for further information, you’ll be able to integrate the Six Keys of SuperCompetence into your daily, weekly, and lifetime business practices. From the sales floor to the conference room, from board meetings to informal networking events, SuperCompetent enables you to build your focus, manage your resources, and maximize your ability to deliver at every level.