The Why of Productivity – Who Cares, Anyway?

Why is productivity important?  More importantly, why is productivity important to you?  There is not just one pat answer to this question.  My “why” is likely different than your “why.”  One of the keys to productivity is finding YOUR “why.”  For most people, an external reason like “My boss expects more of me” is not always the most motivating factor.  For me, getting to the heart of why I do what I do is most motivating.  Is the need to be more productive exciting and motivating to you, or does it drain and exhaust you just thinking about it?  If the latter is true for you, perhaps you haven’t gotten clear on why being productive is important.

It all comes down to your personal goals and what you want the picture of your life to look like.  Sure, you may need to be more productive at work to make your boss happy or boost company revenues.  How can you turn it around and make it important to you personally?  If time with your family is what motivates you, make getting things done at work about finishing that project on time so that you can enjoy your weekend free from work stress. If making more money is what drives you, give yourself achievable daily or even hourly goals of what you need to accomplish to make those extra sales.  Search yourself and find what truly motivates you, then try to relate each task to a goal you have set for yourself – not a goal someone else has set for you.  For example, if you are in sales, your organization sets a sales goal for you.  Absolutely do your best to achieve that – but at the same time make it about you.  How many sales do you need to earn the commissions to take that family vacation or buy that fabulous pair of shoes?

It’s only human to be motivated by what feels good.  Use that.  What makes you feel good?  Know that each task you accomplish, however difficult or dull, gets you closer to that great feeling.  Figure out how productivity relates to your personal goals and the quest for it becomes exciting, rather than overwhelming.

(C) 2008 Laura Stack.  All rights reserved.