Review in Publisher’s Weekly of my new book The Exhaustion Cure

The Exhaustion Cure: Up Your Energy From Low to Go in 21 Days
Laura Stack Broadway, $13.95 paper (368p) ISBN 978-0-7679-2751-2

With brisk efficiency, Stack (Leave the Office Earlier) breezes through 21 factors affecting the energy or capacity to perform the myriad duties, obligations, responsibilities and activities of daily schedules. In an appealingly simple format, Stack breaks these factors into three categories: physiological (including diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise and metabolism), practices (attitude, relaxation, time management, etc.) and periphery (environment, relationships and stress level), and guides readers through three weeks of replacing “energy bandits” with corresponding “energy boosters.” Her health advice focuses on maximum results in little time; her cures for major energy drains (cigarettes, caffeine, electronic devices, workaholism, perfectionism and procrastination, for example) are practical, and her perspectives on stressful home and workplace relationships are refreshing. She helps readers distinguish between status quo tasks and more fulfilling ones that move them forward, and makes a strong case for focusing rather than multitasking. While her “just do it” approach may not work for everyone, it just might help many clear a path to realizing their dreams. (May)