Walk while you work with a treadmill desk?

Okay this is just a little funny but maybe a step in the right direction.  You know how your bottom gets numb if you sit at your desk in front of your computer too long?  Now Steelcase has come up with the "Walkstation," which allows you to walk while you work, co-designed by the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. James Levine.  I’ve heard of whistle while you work, which is entirely possible, but I’m just not sure how this concept will work.  If I’m walking, how am I going to be able to keep my hands in one place to accurately hit the keyboard keys?  And how will my eyes adjust to what I’m typing on the screen if my head is moving about even slightly?  I don’t see this as something you would be able to use in your main office space, as you can’t walk for 8 hours straight or even stand (there is no where for a chair).  But perhaps as a rotation for call centers, a docking station where you can bring your laptop, or shared spaces you can reserve like a conference room.  Hmmm…maybe they will just have to send me one to test it out.