What color scheme is best for personal productivity: decorating your office for productivity

Investigate the link between color and worker productivity, and you’ll keep coming across the name of Dr. Nancy Kwallek, Director of the Interior Design program at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture. In a recent study, she had workers do mundane clerical tasks in offices with several different color schemes and discovered that white is absolutely the worst color for productivity—at first. After being exposed to an all-white environment for a while, most workers adjusted just fine. For those who could screen out their environment from the beginning, however, bright colors were more effective, since they seem to stimulate people in general. Those more easily distracted by the environment did better in rooms painted a cooler color, like blue-green. Ultimately, however, the most effective color scheme was a mix of the two: blue-green over soft red, separated by wood paneling (wainscoting).