Japanese organization helps men leave the office earlier

An article called "Japanese Housewives Win Right to Share of Ex-Husbands’ Pensions" describes a new law now in effect in Japan to allow Japanese women to take half of a man’s pension following divorce, women are filing in droves.  In response, a new organization was established called Japan Aisaika — the Devoted Husband Organization — to urge men to leave the office earlier and change the way they behave at home.  The group encourages husbands to stop being such workaholics, pay more attention to their families, and when they retire, become more independent and stop hanging around the house so much, which creates "husband at home stress syndrome" in women who have been used to their workaholic husbands never being home.  Finally!  A law that actually stands a chance of changing the social fabric of workaholism and a culture that has oppressed women in that country for years.  This should trim their public debt and ease poverty-relief spending on women.  Kudos to the Japanese Social Insurance Agency for the wonderful productivity legislation!